A Kid’s Perspective: Why I Love My Family & Being a Big Sister, by 7-Year Old Keira

The day was finally here. My little sister was about to be born.

My mom went to the hospital and my grammy was watching me at home. I was so happy that the baby was finally going to come out. My mom told me to stay calm. It was really hard to stay calm because it was the day I had been waiting for since forever.

We named her Kenzie.

I went to the hospital that day and I got to hold her. I had to be careful to hold her head up, but was allowed to let her feet dangle down. Then I remember seeing my mom feed her for the first time, with her bra. Kenzie gave me a Care Bear named Share Bear and a big sister necklace.

I left the hospital and felt good because I knew the baby was going to come meet her new house soon.

I had been thinking in my head for a long time that I wanted a baby sister. I didn’t want to be the only one, the only kid. Maybe my mommy and daddy were deciding if they wanted another baby.

Here is a letter I wrote that could have helped them decide.


Dear Mommy and Daddy,

I know you are deciding if you should keep one kid or get another kid—here is some advice.

If you stay with one kid like me I might get lonely with no one to play with. If you get another kid, it would be hard work but your other kid would have a playmate so you would not have to play with he or she all the time.

The baby will also probably do a lot of really cute, funny things. Here are some ridiculous and adorable things the baby might do.

Number one – when she gets tired she might drop down to the floor, curl her body up, and start sucking on her fingers in the middle of playing, like my baby sister does.

Number two – another really cute thing she could do like my sister is when she learns a new word, like no, you can ask her different questions and get funny answers. Like this:

Me: “Do you love Sissy?”

Baby: “NO!!”

Me: “Is Momma pretty?” (She usually stops for a second here first)

Baby: “NO!!”

Me: “Is Daddy funny?”

Baby: “NO!!!

Or number three – she might drop her food or cup or anything on purpose and then say, “UH OH,” and have her face look like an O and seem puzzled like she didn’t know what happened.

Taking this advice should help you decide if you want to keep just one kid or have another.

From Keira

Now, if your parents decide yes I have a whole bunch of tips for the big sister or brother. Here they are.


How to Be a Good Big Sister or Brother

1) If the baby comes home from the hospital or the orphanage, the baby does not know where he or she is, so you should stay calm because the baby might be crying a lot. (Fact: A young baby is called an infant.)

2) When the baby is home let him or her get comfortable in the new place. Your baby had a long journey here and might be tired, unhappy or grouchy. (Fact: If you let the baby get comfortable he or she will get used to you.)

3) If you play very nicely with the baby he or she can get to know you quickly. (Fact: When babies play they also learn.)

4) When a baby is eating, do not interrupt his or her feeding time. (Fact: A baby does not drink cow’s milk but from his or her mother’s milk.)

5) When the baby goes to sleep I bet he or she is happy because she had a long day. Do something quiet now. (Fact: A baby can fall asleep very quickly.)

Those are my tips on how to be a good big brother or sister.

Even if your family doesn’t look like mine this poem that I wrote is to tell people what family is to me.

It is even in the title.

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IMG_1590 (2)


Donate to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America to make a big impact on the life of a child.

Become a Big Sister or Big Brother to a child in need

9 thoughts on “A Kid’s Perspective: Why I Love My Family & Being a Big Sister, by 7-Year Old Keira

  1. Dear Keira

    I think being a big sister is THE best thing in the world. Little sisters are special and hilarious. Thank you for writing this wonderful article.


    1. Thank you for reading my article and giving me a great comment.

    1. Like you said I just gave Kenzie a big hug. I miss you too.

  2. I really loved what you wrote Keira! I’m a big sister too and you reminded me of how lucky I am to have a wonderful younger sister, who is now also my best friend.

    You are a sweet and very smart girl and a good role model for you sister (and yes, I agree little sisters can be loopy sometimes – but they are so funny too!)

    Take very good care of yourself and your little sister.

    I’m looking forward to your next article!


  3. Dear sweet Keira,
    This is such an incredible way to tell your little sister, your family and the rest of the people who read this what a great love you have for your family (and especially for that cute little sister of yours 🙂 ). You have a beautiful heart and a great way with words, just like your mommy. I count myself lucky to have had the privilege to read your article. Thanks for sharing.

  4. My dear grandaughter Keira you are a inspiration to me you and sister Kenzo have my heart love granny

  5. I was crying so much I typed Kenzo instead of kenzie

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