Love Transfusion – Connecting People Who Hurt with Those Who Care

We all know someone who has battled an illness. Someone who has been in an accident. Someone who endures physical pain that seems insurmountable.

These courageous human beings have to fight to survive every minute of every day.

They have to hang on while facing physical, mental and spiritual adversity that’s simply unimaginable until you’re in their shoes.

Regardless of the kind of fight they’re fighting, whether it’s cancer, heart disease or injury recovery, saying it’s the battle of a lifetime is an understatement.

What do these heroic people need during times like this?


That’s where an amazing non-profit called Love Transfusion comes in.


The mission of Love Transfusion is simply inspiring:

Connecting people who hurt…with those who care.

I first heard about Love Transfusion through finding their Facebook page.

I was instantly touched and moved by the messages and photos of these amazing, resilient, positive men, women and children facing sickness, injury, depression, addiction, loss of a loved one, loneliness or any other difficult situation.

I saw thousands and thousands of likes, shares and encouraging comments from people all over the world.

It felt amazing to know that strangers were praying for strangers, uplifting them during their darkest hours through the power of social media.






People from every corner of the world were responding to these photos and messages of those who are suffering. They were liking, commenting and sharing all over Facebook.

Complete strangers were reminding Austin, Harmonie, Abigail, Cecilia, Kody and countless others how strong they were.

Though they didn’t know them, they were praying for them. They were behind them. It made me feel a sense of renewed hope that the world really is full of people who want to share kindness, connection, empathy and support with people they’ve never even met.

All of these brave men, women and children who are suffering are just like you and me. They’re human beings who want to live, love and laugh their ways through life. They have families, friends, hopes and dreams.

The difference? They’re fighting to stay alive, each and every moment.


After following Love Transfusion’s Facebook page for a few months, I  was fortunate enough to make a connection with the founder and CEO of Love Transfusion, Kevin Lengkeek.

After speaking with him on the phone and learning more about his organization, I felt deeply compelled and inspired to share Love Transfusion’s mission.

I also learned that Kevin started this organization after his own personal battle with cancer.

In his own words:

“In the fall of 2007, I was admitted to Christiana Hospital in Newark, Delaware for an emergency appendectomy. Although the procedure went fine, tests revealed other symptoms which were ‘suggestive of metastatic disease’ (Stage IV cancer).

Two weeks later, radiologists at a separate medical facility came to the same conclusion, with test results ‘suggesting metastatic disease’. Although not an official diagnosis, from my perspective… it looked pretty grim.

Fortunately, after months of tests and scans, doctors determined I was cancer free. All that remained were multiple non-calcified nodules scattered throughout both lungs.

So here I am, years later. Grateful to still be with my loved ones… but with a totally different outlook on life.

Those months were the most difficult of my life. They also gave me a new perspective into what goes through the mind of someone facing some of life’s darkest moments.”

Inspired by his experience, Love Transfusion was born.

People who are suffering can connect with people all over the world who want to uplift and inspire them through their darkest times.


Through receiving love and encouragement, they, along with their families, can feel less alone.

“Love Transfusion, Inc. is a non-profit organization with a mission to help individuals facing difficult situations. The sad fact is, there are people all around us in the grip of fear, pain and loneliness. We believe that by connecting people who hurt with those who care, resulting expressions of love & encouragement help ease people through life’s most difficult moments.”

Their goal is to serve as a conduit and facilitate expressions of love and support.

“Something as simple as a smile, a kind word or a caring jesture can make even a seemingly hopeless situation seem more bearable. Many people want to show they care but don’t know how and as a result do nothing.”

What are “Love Transfusions”?

Love Transfusions are expressions of support from family, friends and even strangers which the recipient can see in real-time or review at their convenience.”

How it Works

A donor is someone who sends a communication, while a recipient is the receiver.

1. Create your free Love Transfusion account.

2. Set up a profile – it only takes a minute!

3. Begin sending or receiving love transfusions.

It’s as simple as 3 steps.

What impact has Love Transfusion made on people who are suffering?

“Just writing to let you know you have a wonderful page. It is a fantastic idea, and gives people hope and to let people know that there are people who care… I am truly amazing by all of the support. I have 6 months of treatment left after battling leukemia. It has been one long ride and I am getting there…Your page gave me hope knowing there are people around the world that care. Thank you for such a wonderful peace of mind and support. Knowing I’m not alone.”

~Lauren J., Queensland, Australia

“I want to thank Love Transfusion for sharing my daughter’s story with all of your followers. The outpouring of prayers and love that she has gotten today has touched our hearts so much.”

~Kimberly A., Spartanburg, South Carolina

“My son’s page on Love Transfusion has reached over 10,000 likes, and over 1,000 comments, and 2,000 shares! We are so happy and excited for him! We’ve had people from all around the world sending him prayers, love, and birthday wishes. I’m so happy for him that it brings me to tears… Thank you, Love Transfusion!”

~Trisha K., Rancho Cucamonga, CA


“Thank you all so much. I showed Nicholas the post and he was so happy. He was smiling from ear to ear. Thank you for that.”

~Elizabeth B., Deltona, FL

These testimonials are powerful. They prove how much every like, comment and share means to those facing the battles of their lives.

And these findings are pretty convincing, too.


Reading about, following and connecting with organizations like this helps me find perspective in the deepest way.

I am so honored to share their mission and hope by doing so, you may feel compelled to send a love transfusion of your own.

Who knows – one seemingly small act of compassion might help save someone’s life.

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