Teddy Kremer – A Cincinatti Reds Bat Boy with Down Syndrome Reminds Us What the Game of Life is All About

Growing up going to Angels games in Southern California, I lived for sports – especially baseball.

My dad, mom, brother and I would settle into our seats at what was then called “The Big A” stadium in Anaheim, crack open the peanuts and let the game begin.

At 14 years old, I took great pride in rocking my Tim Salmon jersey. My dad and I would spend hours analyzing each play together and then applying it to my softball career.

I loved learning by watching these guys play, and I loved spending time chatting with my dad about the fundamentals of the game.

Beyond just watching the game, I remember thinking how cool it would be to be a bat girl for just 1 day.

To carry the bats of JT Snow, Tim Salmon, Jim Edmonds or Garrett Anderson would be the highlight of my life. To actually be able to step onto the field and experience the magic of major league baseball would be more than my 14-year old brain could possibly handle.

Teddy Kremer got to experience this feeling with the Cincinatti Reds. And along the way, he inspired millions with his love for life.

Photo courtesy of shoeuntied.wordpress.com
Photo courtesy of shoeuntied.wordpress.com

Teddy is just like any other 31-year old Cincinnatti Reds fan.

He loves the Reds, he loves baseball and he too dreamt of one day getting a taste of on-the-field baseball magic that every fan dreams about.

Teddy has Down Syndrome. But this doesn’t affect his attitude in any way. His exuberance and love for life is contagious.

Meet Teddy and hear his inspirational story.

 Video Courtesy of YouTube

When you watch that video and meet Teddy, you can’t help but smile.

This guy is simply awesome – a guy I would love to be around, to learn from and be friends with. His smile, his energy and his willingness to celebrate life on and off the baseball field fills me with love and enthusiasm.

Teddy Kremer, inspirational sports stories
Photo courtesy of cbssports.com

Teddy loves the game.

And he’s in the moment with each and every player he meets.

Photo courtesy of wosu.org
Photo courtesy of wosu.org

His warm smile lights up the dugout, the field, the stadium – and anyone who sees his beautiful face!

Photo courtesy of YouTube.com
Photo courtesy of YouTube.com

He encourages the Reds players and lifts them up.

He celebrates with them.

Photo courtesy of jasonsconnection.com

His enthusiasm spreads positive energy to anyone in his path.

Photo courtesy of mcamcmoments.wordpress.org
Photo courtesy of mcamcmoments.wordpress.org

His gratitude is visible – he appreciates the moment.

Photo courtesy of www2.cincinatti.com
Photo courtesy of www2.cincinatti.com

He’s a supportive teammate. He instills confidence in others.

Photo courtesy of archive.news10.net
Photo courtesy of archive.news10.net

These pictures are worth a thousand words.

Hats off to the Cincinatti Reds organization for giving Teddy a platform to inspire those around him. It’s these kind of caring acts that spread positive ripple effects through the world at a time when we need it most.

It’s clear to me that Teddy is someone who consciously chooses to adopt a positive perspective on life.

Through baseball, he can share his enthusiastic spirit. He affects the way other Reds players walk up to bat.

But more importantly, his energy affects the way people approach life. With a smile and a positive attitude, we can all make magic happen in our daily lives.

It’s our choice.

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