Colbie Caillat Inspires Young Girls & Women to Love Themselves Through Hit Song “Try”

In today’s world, a few things come to mind when I think of the word “beauty”: photoshop, perfection, makeup, skinny, flawless, weight loss, botox, liposuction, face lift.

Though these are the words that come to mind – these words associated with modern-day beauty are the farthest thing from it.

When did we become so obsessed with achieving perfection?

When did it become okay to berate women within media headlines for not being “perfect”?

I’m not exactly sure when this happened, but I know one thing for sure – it’s tragic.

And it’s having a very harmful effect on young girls and women around the world who strive to live up to unattainable standards of “beauty.”

One inspiring female singer named Colbie Caillat is using her stardom to create a ripple of change.

Through her hit song “Try” she’s reminding young girls and women everywhere that we are perfect just the way we are.

Video courtesy of Colbie Caillat and YouTube

This video is so powerful. I can’t watch it without crying! It gets me every single time, without fail.

Not only is it a beautiful song – the message Colbie sends through her music video is extremely moving and so important for young girls and women struggling to love themselves in the modern world.

A beautiful pop star taking her makeup off – on camera?!?! It’s so rare these days. It’s totally revolutionary and completely inspiring.

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On a personal note, I can really relate to the message behind this song. I admit it – I love my makeup! I always have. It’s fun to play with and it’s fun to wear.

But even I can admit that at times, makeup becomes a type of security blanket.

It helps you look the way a woman is “supposed” to look and fit the standard of beauty that society has defined.

Especially during my teenage years, I always wanted to look like the girls in the magazines. I wanted to be tanner. I wished my freckles would just get lost!

Growing up in Orange County, CA, no matter how many times my mom and dad told me my Irish skin was beautiful, I felt pressure to look like a sunkissed beach babe – and I didn’t!

Girls on my softball teams would comment about how “white” I was – how I needed to “get a tan” – and seemingly emotional mature women in my 20’s and 30’s have said it to me, too!

I remember coming home from softball practice in tears, wishing that I could just have darker skin that actually tanned like everyone else.

And in my 30’s (when you’re supposed to be free from all this kind of stuff, right?)  I remember driving home from a former friend’s boat, wondering why a few women felt the need to make fun of my “white” skin. Really?

Yep, it happened in my adult life, too. And it stung.

But over the years, once I got comfortable in my skin (literally), these comments from former friends started to roll off my back.

Now I rock my Irish skin like it’s nobody’s business! And it feels fabulous.

I don’t hide the fact that I don’t tan very well, and I really enjoy wearing dresses that show off my Irish-ness. I actually love my skin now. But, it definitely took a while to feel like it was okay to do that.

I realized that any comments about my skin stemmed from their insecurities and their desire to live up to society’s defined standard of beauty – it actually had nothing to do with me.

If you didn’t get a chance to watch the video above, take 3 minutes to remind yourself that you are beautiful – just the way you are.

Hats off to Colbie Caillat for using her voice and celebrity to inspire  young girls and women around the world to stop looking to beauty magazines to define themselves as “beautiful” or “ugly.”

I can only imagine how many young girls have watched this amazing video on YouTube and decided, even for just a few minutes, to stop beating themselves up over their supposed flaws. It’s really powerful what she’s done through her music.

Listening to this song and watching this video reminds women everywhere to love themselves a little more.

We don’t need photoshop.

We don’t need liposuction.

We don’t need 10 pounds of makeup.

We need to be happy and healthy and proud of the things about our bodies that make us unique. We don’t have to try so hard – we’re already amazing, ladies!

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