How Yoga Saved Disabled Veteran Arthur’s Life

At age 47, Arthur was ready to give up on life.

He was living in pain as a disabled veteran, having given his service as a paratrooper in the Gulf War. During one of his jumps, Arthur suffered severe back injuries that had a devastating effect on his body and mind. His resulting condition made walking and exercising extremely difficult.

For 15 years, Arthur believed what doctors had told him: he would most likely never walk unassisted again.

I can only imagine that getting a diagnosis from doctors that limits your hopes for the future would take a heavy toll on even the strongest person. Hearing that you’ll never be able to use your body the way you did before would feel physically and mentally crushing.

As one year blended into the next, Arthur sunk into a lonely depression. He put on weight and lost his zest for life.

Arthur's yoga transformation

Until a yoga instructor named Diamond Dallas came into his life.

In the video below, watch Arthur’s incredible transformation – and learn how practicing yoga healed his body and saved his life.

Video courtesy of  the Diamond Dallas Page

After watching that video, I can’t help but feel absolutely and totally moved. No matter how many times I watch it, I am always in awe of Arthur’s transformation. No matter how many times he falls down, his positive attitude wins out and propels him to keep moving forward.

The healing power of yoga

That heavy stuff you used to carry on your body and in your mind? Practicing yoga make that heavy stuff feel a whole lot lighter – and eventually helps it disappear.

Through Arthur’s story, we see how simply aligning your body with your breath, over and over, can create real and lasting change in a person’s life – regardless of their current physical conditions.

I want to thank Arthur for sharing his story. It is such a tangible and inspirational reminder that though certain obstacles may seem overwhelming and insurmountable, your body and your mind can change for the better when you practice yoga regularly.

Will things change overnight? Of course not. Will things change over time, fueled by faith, dedication and persistence? Absolutely.

As someone who enjoys practicing yoga, I will absolutely think of Arthur every time I get on the mat in my own life.

Through dedicating myself to a simple yoga practice, I can not only heal my body; I can also slowly start to learn what Arthur realized – that just because I can’t do something today, doesn’t mean I won’t be able to do to it someday.

Want to give back to people like Arthur who have served our country? Support our troops by donating to an organization that provides free yoga classes in their communities.

Donate to Yoga for Vets

Arthur's yoga transformation

Not sure if yoga can really transform your body & mind?

Check out a few scientifically proven benefits of yoga below.

yoga infographic

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