“No Arms, No Legs, No Worries” – Nick Vujicic Lives an Inspiring “Life without Limbs”

What would you do if you had no arms and no legs? How would you function? How would you get through the day? How would you resist asking “why did this happen to me?”

It would be extremely difficult.

Nick Vujicic asked himself all those questions when he was born to live a “life without limbs.” He fell into a deep depression, wondering what his purpose in life was. He couldn’t play with other kids on the soccer field. He couldn’t give someone a hug like other kids could.

He looked different.

He was made fun of relentlessly.

He didn’t fit in with society’s definition of “normal.”

Well, Nick is anything but “normal.” He’s absolutely extraordinary.


Video courtesy of YouTube

After watching that video (and shedding a few tears!) you really can’t help but be moved by Nick’s ¬†inspiring message.

By his positive attitude.

By his ability to find humor in life and use humor for healing.

By his relentless tenacity and absolute refusal to become a victim of his circumstances – circumstances most people couldn’t deal with.

I am in awe of his ability to find a positive perspective on his life and use his life to inspire others to overcome adversity – in whatever form that adversity takes.

Photo courtesy of dailymail.co.uk
Photo courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

Nick doesn’t claim to understand everyone’s unique set of problems – but he does claim to understand what it’s like to face heartbreak. To face ridicule. To face overwhelming hardship that almost left him powerless.

By traveling around the world and speaking to kids, to adults – to anyone out there who needs inspiration – Nick is changing people’s lives and reminding them that their limits are simply perceived – they’re not real.

He’s reminding us that we all have a choice whether to get up in the morning with a smile, or to get up in the morning with a victim mentality.

This amazing man is uplifting others in a remarkable way and I commend him for his unbelievable spirit and passion to help others.

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Photo courtesy of businesswire.com
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