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About Me

My name is Breanne.

I created this blog to help myself and others find a positive perspective in a world that overwhelms us with negative news.

It all started when one morning, I was perusing a few of my daily news sites. After scanning a few headlines, I started to feel quite sad about the state of the world. I felt overwhelmed by the steady stream of pessimistic news and discouraging imagery that seemed to never end. Not the best way to start your morning, right?

Day after day, I found myself wondering,

What about all the GOOD stuff that’s happening in the world?

Unfortunately, the mainstream media thrives on reporting mostly negative news, as this type of content attracts the most eyeballs – aka the most advertising dollars.

Though there are a few websites reporting positive news, including HuffPost Good News and The Daily Good, the majority of news sites tends to focus heavily on what is wrong with the world, while uplifting news that boosts social morale often takes a back seat.

NPR reports that according to the Harvard School of Public Health, 1 out of 4 people interviewed in in a study said “one of the biggest contributors of their day-to-day stress was watching, reading or listening to the news.”

When we excessively consume these negative images and often sensationalized headlines over and over throughout the day on repeat, on multiple devices, the negativity bias in our mind goes into overdrive.


Our brains absorb negativity like a sponge; over time, the media’s unbalanced stream of news becomes our only stream of news – while the positive, uplifting stories are largely underreported.

I’d like to use the power of storytelling (and the Internet!) to create a ripple of change. This blog is a positive news stream that emphasizes the GOOD things that happen around us, every hour of every day.

A few of my dear friends, Michelle DavisJill Kristy and Mary Bolton have joined me on this exciting adventure. I am so grateful for their generosity and for their support. Each of them brings a unique perspective to this blog, along with amazing design and writing talents. I feel honored to have these wonderful human beings as regular contributors.

We hope the blog posts on FindPerspective.org can be a vehicle to present a more balanced picture of the state of our world.

This blog is about people from all walks of life who inspire those around them with their awesome attitudes.

I’ve always been drawn to people who spread joy wherever they go. It’s amazing how many extraordinary people I come into contact with who rekindle my spirit, from a giggling child who teaches me to be present, to a passerby who chooses to send me a smile – they all inspire me.

There are people all around us who refuse to become victims of their circumstances – circumstances that can feel mentally, physically or spiritually challenging.

Reading their stories breathes new life into my day and helps me take on my own challenges with a stronger and more determined mind – just like they do.  They fill me with an overwhelming desire to reach my highest potential.


We’d like to spread their messages of positivity, faith and resilience so we can all find a more positive perspective in our daily lives, while giving back to those who inspire us.

What happens when we take the time to find perspective?

We can be present and grateful for the amazing things in our lives.

We can conquer doubt by facing our fears with a renewed sense of confidence.

We can do the things we don’t think we can do.

We can support other inspiring people on their journeys.

We can make a positive impact on the world around us.