7 Ways My Husband Ryan Inspires Me

My husband Ryan is a pretty awesome guy.

Have you ever met someone who is always in a good mood? Then you’ve probably met Ryan. He’s the best.

So in honor of my wonderful new hubby Ryan, who has supported this blog venture since its infancy months and months ago, I’d like to share seven ways my husband inspires me.

1.  He smiles a lot.

Ryan’s a happy guy. He’s always smiling. Or figuring out a way to try and make me smile when I’m frowning. He’s got an awesome outlook on life.

Whenever I ask him about difficult things he’s been through and how he got through them, he always reminds me:

“Well, when times are tough, I believe that means that something even better is on its way.”

Smiley McSmilerson
Smiley McSmilerson

2.  He chooses happiness over worry.

Now I’m a self-proclaimed worrier. I’m working on it. My mind can get pretty active and I often spend useless time worrying about things.

Not Ryan.

He repeatedly chooses happiness over worry and it inspires me every time he does it. If something is happening that’s out of his control, he lets it go. This is one of the qualities I truly admire about Ryan.

And I’m pretty sure my nieces, Coral and Christie, admire their “Uncle Ry-nan”, too.

Uncle Rynan/Ryan

Christie's a fan

3.  He helps strangers carry stuff and opens their doors.

Whenever we’re out and about and someone needs something, Ryan lends a hand. I’m a firm believer that some of the kindest deeds you can do is for people who can never repay you.

He’s the guy who helps someone put their luggage in the overhead bin, holds the door and does his part to make someone else’s day a little bit easier whenever he gets a chance. It always brings a smile to my face when I see his compassionate heart in action.

4.  He makes me feel like I am okay just the way I am.

We all have moments where we get in our heads. The good old “analysis paralysis” that fills you with self-doubt. We second-guess our talents, our actions, our this, our that. When I do that (admittedly, on the regular) Ryan takes the doubt and washes it away.

He reminds me that with all my quirks, I am great just the way I am. And the fact that he laughs at my corny jokes? Winner winner chicken dinner.

5.  He reminds me that a good laugh can cure most things.

Spice World
Dressing up as a Spice Girl for you  = keeper
Wifi nerd for life

6.  The way he makes the bed reminds me not to take things so seriously.

bed 1

7.  He’s a world-class listener.

If you know me, you know I can be a handful at times. Sometimes I get super hyper, without coffee, and someone’s gotta hear me out as I repeatedly ponder the meaning of life.

Ryan’s usually that guy. The ever-patient listener, he reminds me how amazing it feels when someone truly listens to you. I unload my fears onto him on the regular and he really hears me.

There’s something incredibly healing about getting the chance to confide in someone who is fully present with you as you put the puzzle pieces of your life together. Ryan reminds me of what’s important in life when I lose my way.

He helps me find perspective.

This one’s for you, hubby. You inspire me to be a better person by the way you look at life, the way you treat yourself and the way you treat others every day.

And for that, I love you and I thank you!


2 thoughts on “7 Ways My Husband Ryan Inspires Me

  1. I’ve known Ryan and his amazing family for over 35 years and agree that you are blessed with one amazing man. His mom, Pat, is my BFF and constantly inspires me with her zest for life,positive energy, and generosity. She has told me how awesome you are, and I hope to meet you when you’re in OR next. It sounds like we’re similar in personalities and my hubbie, Jay, blesses me with many of the same qualities that Ryan does for you–great listener, good, decent person, unconditional acceptance and love. I wish you years of happiness together, Bre! BTW, I love your blog!

  2. That’s my boy!
    Nice work Bre. You make him glow with your sunshine attitude.

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